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For layover, existing shingle must be single layer only and must be a flat, three-tab shingle.

Total Number of Squares

One square is equal to one 10'x10' section of roof. Please include any partial squares in your calculation.

Linear Feet of Gutter Line

Feet are recorded as decimals (example: 1'6" = 1.5)


Linear Feet of Rake Edge

Feet are recorded as decimals (example: 1'6" = 1.5)


Vent Type

Linear Feet of Ridge Vent

Feet are recorded as decimals (example: 1'6" = 1.5)


Number of Box Vents

Slope of Roof

Slope of roof will be between 4/12 and 12/12 pitch. If your roof is a 8/12 pitch, simply put "8" in the field below.

/ 12

*Estimate is based on using a premium dimensional asphalt shingle.

**Tear-off prices based on a single layer of asphalt shingles. Additional Layers, Slate, or Tile will require a price adjustment for tear-off labor.

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