Project Management Software for the Smart Homeowner

Save thousands on your roofing project by managing it with the DIY Roofs Toolbox!

"Using saved us about $2,100.00 from the estimated cost of replacement from our insurance company... I didn't have to climb a ladder, swing a hammer, or pick up any trash. I'd recommend using to friends and family."
Keith & Melissa D. (Hebron, KY)

Hire a Labor Crew with Confidence

Hiring a labor crew that you trust to get the job done right is vital to the success of your roofing project. That's why has a growing database of qualified labor crews in your area.

Track Your To-Dos

You may not have any experience managing a roofing project, but provides you with an essential to-do list to get you started. All the due dates are driven by the construction date you set and you can add any other to-dos as you see fit.

All the Necessary Documents & Contracts

Long experience in the roofing industry has taught us that using proper documents and contracts will help protect you, the homeowner. That's why we've provided you with all the necessary documents and contracts within the Toolbox, absolutely free.

Build Your List of Materials

From nails to shingles, your roofing project will require a long list of materials that you may not be familiar with. We've got you covered! The Toolbox comes with a default list of materials that you will need to complete the project. Just add the quantities and any additional items your labor crew indicates and you can order the materials right from the Toolbox.

Secure Messaging with Your Labor Crew

Once you hire your labor crew, you'll be able to send/receive direct messages through the Toolbox. And for your convenience, any messages that are sent will come to your regular email inbox as well.