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Instant Satellite Roof Measurements (Measure Your Roof Without Getting on a Ladder!)

You’re just a click away from a Fast & Easy roof measurement from our satellites. Get the EXACT dimensions of your roof INSTANTLY without getting on a ladder, measuring dimensions, or drawing diagrams!

Fast Aerial Roof Measurements for Your DIY Project

Why waste a whole day climbing a ladder, measuring every section of your roof, and calculating the area on paper when you can instantly measure your roof from a satellite for just $19.00?

Here’s the secret of most roofing contractors: they NEVER do the measurements themselves. They either pay someone else to do it or they get it from a satellite and MAKE YOU PAY FOR IT.

With’s satellite roof measurement tool, you can get your estimate directly from the source and save hundreds of dollars or more. And you’ll be in done in minutes.

Fast Aerial Roof Measurements

How it Works

How it Works

We use satellite technology to generate your estimate automatically, empowering you with exact measurements that you can then use to choose materials without wasting money.

If you use a contractor, they’ll charge you to take the measurements then inflate prices on materials. So, you pay for the measurements and then you pay MORE for the materials.

If you use, you get instant measurements and a direct line to material suppliers so you can see what materials really cost.

How to Get Your Satellite Roof Measurements

You’re a few simple steps away from your aerial roof measurements (and a better back!):

  • Enter Your Details: Give us your name, email, and phone number so we can contact you.

  • Enter Your Address: Let us know which roof to measure.

  • Leave Notes: Tell us to exclude the garage or anything else we should know before sending your measurements.

  • Confirm Your Address: Hey, we just want to know we’re measuring the right house!

That’s it! Just proceed to the payment page (if necessary), and you’ll get your measurements instantly. See, wasn’t that way better than spending all day on the roof in the hot sun?

From there, you’ll create your free toolbox account where you’ll have access to your measurements and a ton of tools to make your roof project easier, cheaper, and faster.

Get Your Satellite Roof Measurements

The Easiest DIY Project You’ll Ever Do

Easiest DIY Project

Using makes changing your roof less work than cutting your grass.

We’ll provide all of the expert craftsmen, quality materials, and roof planning that you’d get from a leading contractor WITHOUT the price of the middleman.

We’ll lay out a few simple steps in your checklist that you can complete for free that will drastically reduce your costs. You choose the color, shingles, and other factors, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why Get Roof Measurements from a Satellite?

Aerial roof measurements save you from having to get up on a ladder and risk life and limb for a few scribbles on a piece of paper, but there’s so much more to it than that. This is the BEST and MOST ACCURATE way to measure your roof.

  • You’ll Save Hours: No baking in the hot sun all day as you fight your roof for positioning. A few clicks and you’re done. Use those hours to plan your DIY project instead.

  • You’re in Control. Not the Contractor: If you pay a contractor to take measurements, they’ve got all the leverage. They’ll choose labor and materials and make you pay for overhead expenses (plus a bit more to pad their pockets).

  • Get Accurate Measurements AND Estimates in Minutes: Satellites are more accurate than the most experienced contractor’s hands. You’ll get EXACT measurements of your roof with no human error. We’ll even provide an estimate for costs based on the average roofing materials.

  • It’s 100% Safe: Did we mention no ladders, measuring tapes, heights, or hot sun? Yeah, this is way safer!

Why Get Roof Measurements

DIY Roof Measurements from Satellite - F.A.Q

This will be the easiest DIY project you’ve ever done. Here’s everything you need to know:

A: It’s simple. We’re like the Uber for fixing your roof. Uber links you directly to a car and driver rather than making you go through a taxi company. We’re the same—instead of using a middleman that will inflate prices to pad his pockets, we link you directly to suppliers and craftsmen. If you still want to use a traditional contract, we’ll show you what materials and labor should cost so you can negotiate a better deal with your contractor.

A: Once you’ve got your measurements and estimate, you can use them to negotiate a fair rate with a contractor. This is information that’s usually hidden from you by contracting companies to gain leverage and make you pay thousands more. If you want, we have connections to reputable contractors that charge a fair price. If you blindly call a company, they have all of the leverage.

A: That depends on your location, materials, and project, but we generally save our customers 25%-35% as well as hours of stress and work. You could easily save thousands of dollars just by doing a little bit of work yourself.

A: From here, you just coordinate your schedule with the labor, book your installation date, order materials (we can help you choose the best), conduct a 1-hour pre-construction checklist, and pay your service providers when the project is done.

It’s that easy! Get your satellite roof measurements now in just a few clicks and save thousands on your next roofing project by using the Uber of roofing! cuts out the middleman and saves you up to 35% on a new roof by linking you directly to high-quality craftsmen and materials WITHOUT paying a construction company to do it for you.

Why get up on that ladder if you don’t have to? Get aerial roof measurements NOW.