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DIY Roofs saves you time and travel expenses by allowing homeowners to hire you at your predetermined rates - no bidding is required. This includes subcontractors as well as full-service roofing companies that are willing to provide their services for labor-only pricing. Our model is simple – we make it easy for homeowners to hire you directly and easy for you to win business at your price, no hassles. Build a complete profile displaying your excellent roofing experience to win over the customer.

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Register as an eligible crew for direct hire. Sign up for the areas you wish to service.

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Set a fair price for your roofing services and you'll make more while saving the homeowner money.

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Schedule a pre-construction meeting directly with the homeowner to finalize details and sign contracts.

Do the Roof

Do what you do best - roofs! Exceed the customer's expectations and make the money you deserve.

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Earn More Jobs

Become part of a roofing network that will put your business profile directly in front of prospective customers and increase your volume of job acquisitions. You can connect with customers easier and faster than ever before and at NO COST to you.

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Maximize Your Profits

We have the ability to put your work and expert profile right in front of the homeowner seeking your services. Now you can maximize your profits by dictating the fair value for your labor services.

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Expand Your Reach

The high cost of advertising and effort it takes to service more market areas can prove to be an almost impossible task. While your local market may suffer a decline, other markets may have a surging need for your services. Don't miss out on profitable work because you don't have exposure in areas that demand your services (storm damage/insurance work). Increase the areas you service through our roofing network and you can stay busy throughout downtimes in your local market!

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