Using a Satellite Roofing cost estimator Makes Getting a New Roof Easy

As a homeowner, you want your roof to be in the best condition possible. When your roof starts to look old and rundown, it can have a negative effect on your home’s value. Even worse, an old roof that isn’t structurally sound is prone to leaks. If the roof isn’t repaired quickly, the next rainstorm can cause serious property damage.

Issues with Traditional Roofing Cost Estimators

Estimating the cost of replacing your roof is usually difficult. Unless the top of your house is completely flat and rectangular, there are a lot of factors to consider as you determine the materials you'll need to replace or repair your roof. While there are plenty of roofing cost calculators online, almost all of them require that you get up on your roof to measure its length, width, and slope. You'll also need to factor in any skylights or chimneys, and it will be necessary to accurately identify the type of roofing material that's currently installed.

If you don't want to go through this laborious and time-intensive process, you'll need to pay top dollar to have a roofing contractor determine exactly how many shingles or tiles you'll need to take care of your project. However, we like to make things easy for our customers, which is why we've developed another way to take care of the roofing estimate process.

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What Is a Satellite Roofing Estimate?

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Here at DIY Roofs, we make sure to offer our customers a traditional roofing cost estimate tool for free. For only $19, however, you can take advantage of our cutting-edge solar roofing cost estimate tool that isn't offered by any other roofing company in the country. This tool uses the latest satellite technology to architecturally analyze your roof down to the tiniest detail. From this imagery data, we're able to collate a complete list of the materials you'll need to take care of your roofing project, and we also provide out satellite estimate customers with a highly accurate cost estimate for their roofing projects.

With this service, we eliminate the need to climb up on top of your roof and reach for difficult measurements. We also make it unnecessary to have a contractor take care of this process; with your accurate estimate and materials list in hand, you'll be able to move on directly to the next step. When all's said and done, our satellite imagery estimator is the cheapest and most accurate roofing estimate tool on the market. Remember that you can only take advantage of this incredible service when you work with DIY Roofs.

What Are the Benefits of Satellite Roofing Estimates?

Getting an accurate roofing estimate has never been so easy. To get started, all you need to do is provide your home address, create an account, and provide payment information. Once we've scanned your house from space and compiled a detailed estimate, all you'll need to do is pick out the materials you want to use and get started. In the future, roofing contractors and consumers alike will look back on this innovation as the turning point in making roofing easy for everyone, but for now, we're the only company to offer this amazing service.

With modern satellite technology, it's easy to make roofing measurements that are more accurate than those made by even the most skilled contractors. It's even easy to use this cutting-edge technology to accurately measure the slope of your roof, skylights, chimneys, and any number of other factors that will impact the overall cost of installing your new roof. It's even possible to measure the height of your ridge vents with this comprehensive tool. This super-accurate measurement technology also ensures that you won't waste any money on materials that you don't need. There's nothing worse than ending up with extra shingles at the end of a roofing project, and when you take advantage of DIY Roofs' satellite roofing estimate technology, you can rest assured that you'll only purchase materials that you'll actually use in your project.

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How Does the DIY Roofs Process Work?

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Once you have your incredibly accurate satellite roofing estimate, you'll be clear to book a date to have the installation process taken care of by a local contractor. We take care of all the dirty work of vetting contractors; all you have to do is pick a date when you're available and put it in your calendar app. Next, you'll order all of the materials you need online. This model gives you total control over the materials that you want to use, and it also saves you money by eliminating the middleman. The arrival date of your materials and your booked installation date will dovetail perfectly to give your service provider access to the materials he or she needs when the big day arrives.

Throughout the process of getting your new roof squared away, you'll need to take care of a few basic tasks that will help everything run smoothly. To make sure that everyone's schedules align perfectly, you'll need to make a few phone calls, and you'll also need to book your installation date online. Once the materials you've ordered have arrived, you'll need to take care of a simple pre-installation checklist. All of the tasks involved in this checklist are easy, and by taking the bull by the horns, you'll be able to save time and money once your roofer arrives. Lastly, you'll be counted on to pay your service provider directly once they've completed the job. This step is yet another example of how the DIY Roofing process eliminates the middleman and helps you save your hard-earned cash for other projects.

Advantages of Working with DIY Roofs

Working with DIY Roofs makes the seemingly intimidating process of replacing your roof easy. From start to finish, we provide our customers will all of the tools they need to understand and control their roofing projects, and this total transparency provides homeowners with more confidence and peace of mind as they embark on the process of repairing or replacing their roofs. By using our simple online interface, it's possible to save thousands of dollars on your roofing project, and at the same time, you retain total oversight over the materials and methods that are used to give your roof a new lease on life. Furthermore, using the DIY Roofs model to tackle your roofing issues doesn't take much more time or effort than working with an all-in-one roofing service. When you have extra cash left over at the end of the year, however, you'll know that choosing DIY Roofs was the right move.

Though these advantages are seriously impressive on their own, when you factor in the fact that we offer a technology no competitor provides, working with DIY Roofs becomes the clear choice. Our satellite roofing cost estimator is unique in the industry, and it provides you with everything you need to know to purchase materials and get started without any need to get up on a ladder and measure your roof. As the most innovative and straightforward roofing service around, the awesome advantages we offer at DIY Roofs can take the headache out of any homeowner's quest to make his or her roofing project quick, painless, and affordable.

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