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"Using saved us about $2,100 from the estimated cost of replacement from our insurance company... I didn't have to climb a ladder, swing a hammer, or pick up any trash. I'd recommend using to friends and family."

- Keith & Melissa D. (Hebron, KY)

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Satellite Technology helps homeowners avoid the hassle of and taking time out of their busy day to meet with salespeople. Our Easy Roofing Pro makes it simple and fast to get an accurate and secure estimate on replacing your roof.

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We've trimmed the fat off in Overhead, Sales Commission, and Profit to help you save MONEY!


Results in as quick as one hour and up to one 24 hour business day.


Your estimate is sent directly to your email with a link to your results so strangers aren't visiting your home.


We have our 24 hour Easy Roofing Pro to guide you through every step in your project using the best quality roofing materials and certified crews.

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