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The modern economy is all about options. DIY Roofs revolutionizes the roofing industry in the same way that Uber changed the game for public transportation. For years, homeowners relied on all-in-one roofing companies when faced with a roof replacement project. Administrative costs, overhead expenses, and pure profit account for up to 30 percent of the price of a roof replacement.

DIY Roofs offers a contracting matching service and tools that give you more control over the costs of your roof replacement project. The company does this through state-of-the-art cost estimating and partnerships with reputable roofing contractors. Here’s how the company’s Roofing Calculator delivers accurate cost estimates for a safe manage-it-yourself roof replacement project.

Advanced Roof Reports Make DIY Roofing Safe for Homeowners

When you think of common do-it-yourself projects around your home, roof replacement doesn’t often come to mind. Replacing your roof requires that you mount an unstable ladder to measure your roof, haul roofing materials to a work site that soars 10 to 20 feet in height, and work at precarious angles. Without the proper tools, equipment, and training, replacing your roof is a dangerous project that’s best left to professionals. With DIY Roofs you can save money on your replacement roof project by managing elements of the project yourself. You manage the project, and a qualified contractor installs the roof. It all begins with tight cost estimates.

How do you know that you’re really saving money on a project? You estimate the cost of the materials that you’ll need for the job. That’s why DIY Roofs asks for your home’s measurements along with some other information to generate a free estimate for your project. The problem is that most homeowners don’t know the measurements of their roofs. To get an exact roof measurement, a property owner has to mount a ladder and risk life and limb to measure the roof. DIY Roofs gives these homeowners the option to get a safe, precise roof measurement for under $20 with its Satellite Roof Measurement Report. You don’t have to borrow a ladder; you simply order a Satellite Roof Report based on your property’s address.

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Accurate Measurements Support Clear Cost Savings

Satellite Roof Reports deliver measurements of your home and its roof based on aerial photos. You’ve heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. With DIY Roofing, a picture may help you to save thousands of dollars on your roof replacement project. When you work with a DIY Roofs contractor, you’ll need to order roofing materials and have them available at an agreed upon date. A Satellite Roof Report helps to make sure that you don’t order more materials than you need to complete your project, which saves you money.

Precise, satellite-based roof measurements make your roofing contractor’s job easier, which can equate to cost savings to you. Reputable roofing contractors are busy during certain seasons of the year. They can plan their schedules and allocate labor better if they know more information about your project. DIY Roofs Roofing Calculator tool ensures that a contracting company has the information that it needs to install your roof without employing complex and expensive project management tactics. The calculator uses variables such as roof size, slope, height, condition, and desired material to produce a more accurate cost estimate for you and your roofing contractor.

Aerial Roof Measurements Save Time

DIY Roofs was birthed out of a mission to give homeowners cost-effective alternatives for roofing projects. To get started with DIY Roofs, you can insert your roof’s measurements into the roof calculator tool from information that you’ve gathered yourself or from Satellite Roof Report data. While you’ll want to cut your risk of injury by not going up on your roof to get measurements, there are times when it makes sense to use the roof calculator with input from your own data. If you’ve had storm damage and an insurance adjuster has already measured your roof, you’ll have accurate data for the DIY Roofs calculator tool. If you’ve already paid for a professional roofing company to measure your roof, you can use the calculator without the data from a Satellite Roof Report.

If you don’t have any roof measurements ready, getting a Satellite Roof Report is fast, accurate, and cost-effective. You don’t have to wait for a roofing contractor to show up to your home to measure the roof. You just order the report online after filling out a simple form. This quick way of getting precise measurements helps you to move forward with your project, get an appointment with a talented contractor, and take advantage of deals on roofing materials.

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Clear-Cut Measurements Aid Better Decision Making

When it comes to roofing projects, the saying, “you get what you pay for” is almost always true. DIY Roofs just helps you to pay for the right things. With precise roof measurements that produce better cost estimates, you can easily make decisions about new roof materials and the contracting company that’s right for your job. You know that higher quality materials such as architectural shingles or slate add extra beauty and value to your home. These materials often come at a premium cost, however. You can use the DIY Roofs calculator tool to get cost estimates for each type of roofing material. Your results are also tied to prices for materials in your geographic area. Many people will use their DIY Roofs savings to buy higher quality roofing materials.

Your family is on a tight budget. Your need for a new roof came at an unexpected time. For these scenarios, the roof calculator tool can help you to know exactly how much an affordable, asphalt shingle roof will cost. You can budget for the project, or you can decide to have the work done right away.

Precise Roof Measurements Cut Out Unethical Practices

A roof is your home’s primary defense against outdoor debris and weather elements. When it’s no longer cost-effective to do a lot of small repairs on it, you need to get it replaced. When your home has storm damage, you’ll often need a fast roof replacement. Sadly, there are many shady roofing contracting companies that take advantage of families in need.

You’ve probably heard of a roofing contracting company that offered discount roof replacements because the company had extra materials. Where do these companies get extra materials? Did they overestimate a few of their clients’ roof sizes and overcharge them for materials? With DIY Roofs, you can make sure that this doesn’t happen to you. You’ll know the exact square footage of your home’s roof from the information on your Satellite Roof Report. The roof calculator will give you an estimated price for your project based on your roof size, condition, and the materials that you want to be installed. The calculator is unbiased and bases material cost estimates on local market prices.

A roofing contractor might even charge you more labor fees for a roof replacement job by claiming that your roof is larger than it is or that it has a more complex layout than a standard roof. With the data from your Satellite Roof Report, you can cut out unethical charges and miscalculations in the early stages of your project. The Roofing Calculator keeps your roof replacement project transparent and free from costly surprises.

Finding Local Professionals

For more information about how you can save money on your roof replacement project with a Satellite Roof Report, contact DIY Roofs by phone at 1-800-948-7038 or via email through its website.

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