DIY Roofing FAQs

We’re like the 'Uber' for replacing your roof. Uber links you directly to a car and driver rather than making you go through a taxi company. We’re the same—instead of using a middleman that will inflate prices to pad his pockets, we link you directly to material suppliers and the craftsmen. If you still want to use a traditional General Contractor, we’ll show you what materials and labor should cost (before markup) so you can negotiate a better deal with your contractor.

  • Provide approximate date of construction.
  • Select roofing shingle color.
  • Check if building permit is required for roof replacement in your area and secure if one if needed (simple application and small fee may be required).
  • Move cars from garage, driveway, so they are not blocked by the material delivery. 
  • Secure pets and children so they are not outside interfering or in harm's way.
  • Conduct walk around with the Crew Leader to ensure that the project has been completed and cleaned up to your satisfaction.
  • Pay Crew Leader the balance plus any change order fees (rotted wood replacement etc.) as indicated on your Labor Estimate when the job is finished. 
  • Sit back and enjoy the look of your new roof, tell all your friends and neighbors how you did it yourself and saved a lot of money.
  • Write a 5-star Google review. Share your story with completion pictures and let people know how much money you saved.

Once you book your project (deposit required), DIY Roofs will:

  • Deliver all roofing materials (excludes replacement wood and additional labor costs if deck board is found to be rotten after tear-off).
  • Book a certified, licensed and insured roofing crew for the project.
  • Schedule dumpster delivery and pick up for all project debris.
  • Coordinate the delivery of building materials and the necessary equipment to the project site with a start date confirmed by the roofing crew. 
  • Provides a Live Project Manager (remote).
  • 24x7 telephone and email support for all your questions or concerns.
  • Checklist Review of DIY Simple Tasks to be completed by homeowner. 
  • Provide fully integrated calendar to keep the DIY Project Manager and the homeowner in sync with the required tasks throughout the process.
  • You complete your simple homeowner checklist and we will take care of the rest.
  • All work is backed by our DIY Guarantee!

Our mission is help individual homeowners save money on their roofing project by eliminating the middleman. If you are willing to complete a few simple steps on your own, we can help you save 25%-40% off the cost of your new roof.

Unlike Home Advisor and Angie’s List, we are not interested in gathering your personal information and then selling you as a lead to the highest bidders. The only time we share your information with another party is if you choose to receive a free report. In this instance we will only share your information so a professional can review the report to discuss your options and answer any questions.

With the Pro Report you will be given all the measurements needed to plan and budget your project. This sketch report includes the Pitch Diagram, Measurement Diagram, Measurement Report, Area Diagram and Edge Label Diagram. Additionally, you’ll receive a complete list of materials needed for your project, the EZ Project Manager checklist, the ability to purchase all of your materials at wholesale costs and hire a labor crew if you so choose. Lastly, your report will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

A free satellite measurement is a partial report provided and paid for by one of our sponsor vendors, where you will need DIY remote or local project support to replace your roof. This sketch report includes the Measurement Diagram, Area Diagram and Edge Label Diagram. Also included is the material list, cost of labor and materials (before contractor markup) with a full retail replacement estimate, and the DIY EZ Project Manager. The vendor sponsoring your free satellite measurement will receive the Pro Report and will be reaching out to you to help guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Replacing your roof can be a difficult and potentially dangerous venture, we highly recommend that you don’t perform the labor or climb on your rooftop unless you are a trained professional. While it is a project that some homeowners can do, it is especially important to always do your research ahead of time to understand if this is a project you can handle. Some important factors to consider are the size of the project, the complexity of the roof, risk and liability, safety measures, weather and recruiting additional people to help.

DIY Roofs has partnered with certified, licensed, and insured service providers that serve as independent crews for the most reputable roofing companies throughout the United States and Canada. We have negotiated fair service rates and estimated your cost of labor by using the satellite Pro Report.

Once the project is completed and you are satisfied with their work you simply pay them directly by cash or check.

If you have purchased the full report, all the information needed to negotiate and hire you own crew is in your hands. Simply use the report to “shop around” for a labor crew of your choosing for best value and workmanship.

Results for your paid report are typically returned within 24 hours. Free reports may take longer since they are being provided to you free of charge from a sponsoring vendor.

We’re looking to serve and assist customers who have already decided it is time to replace their roof and are ready to go. As a result, we want to ensure that we have correct and valid contact information to avoid any delays in your roofing project.

This allows us to validate that you are real, your information is correct and to protect your privacy.

We will be unable to process your request.

If you purchase your report, we will not share your information or report with any third-party groups or roofing companies. If you opt for the free report, we will share your information with one of our vendors who has sponsored the cost of your satellite report. is intended for individual homeowners of single-family homes. We will, however, work with commercial groups, multi-family properties, property management groups and individual owners with multiple properties directly.

Labor and material prices vary from region to region, but the additional charges factored in by a roofing company for overhead, commission, and profit margin usually range from 30-45% on top of the cost of goods and services.

Yes. If you are interested in custom roofing options one of our representatives will gladly assist you. When submitting your initial information write in the notes that you are interested in custom roofing options.

An initial deposit to book your project is required. This booking fee includes your roofing materials, dump fees, remote project management, 24x7 telephone support, coordination of all schedules, and our DIY Guarantee. When the project is completed to your satisfaction, you pay the Crew Leader the labor balance listed on your project management report.

Absolutely! If you suspect storm damage by visual evidence, leaks after a bad storm, witnessing your neighbors getting new roofs, or being approached by door to door solicitations, call your insurance agent and ask for an adjuster to come out and provide an evaluation. It's just that easy. If the adjuster approves your claim, you can use the funds to hire DIY Roofs to replace your damaged roof.

If you are not satisfied with the services, do not pay the Crew Leader the labor portion of the project and contact us. DIY Roofs will help settle any issues. The workmanship is guaranteed by DIY Roofs (Limitations Apply).

Yes. We are here to help you every step of the way. Simply call or email and one of our representatives will be in touch within 24 hours.

Our free service is intended for homeowners with a real interest in cutting out the middleman to save thousands using our simple online process. Although we aim to provide a free service to homeowners, the satellite measurement, reports, and estimates come with a real cost to As a result, the free satellite roof report is contingent upon a local roofing contractor sponsoring this expense before we can fulfill your request. In sponsoring your free satellite report, your local roofing contractor would like you to consider their services for your replacement needs.

Upon submitting your request, you permit DIY Roofs to provide the sponsor with your contact details so they can reach out to you to discuss this valuable information. DIY Roofs does not guarantee a roofing contractor will sponsor your report.

If we feel the information you have provided is inaccurate or incomplete, you are not the property owner, you are a contractor, you are not interested in a follow up call from a local roofing company or you have no intention of using the DIY Process to replace your roof, DIY Roofs reserves the right to cancel your request for a free report at our own discretion.


For those whose request was not sponsored, has been cancelled or simply seeking to compare retail prices to the estimated job cost, DIY Roofs has created a Pro Report option for $29.00. We find most homeowners save a lot of money using this information to negotiate better prices with their preferred contractor.