"I'm so glad I used DiyRoofs.com to have my roof installed... They saved me $1,884.74! It looks wonderful and the process was easy from beginning to end. We had a very professional roofing crew and great office staff to work with. I highly recommend them!"

- Traci Gregg

The Easiest DIY Project You'll Ever Do!

Follow the two step Easy Set up or Schedule an online review of your satellite project details and we'll guide you through the online DIY Process. All you really need to do is Select the color of your new shingle.

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This virtual sales solution will save you thousands!

What You Pay

Quality Roofing Materials and a Licensed & Insured Crew

What You DON'T Pay

Sales commission and overhead. We cut out the middleman to save you money!

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What is DIYRoofs.com and how does it work?

diyroofs.com is where the concepts of Uber and Amazon are using Satellite Technology to make replacing your roof more convenient and affordable than ever before. Our customers save thousands of dollars by eliminating the middleman.

Basic Steps:
  1. Get a secure and detailed Satellite Estimate
  2. Order your materials online
  3. Select a licensed, insured, & Certified Roofing Pro
  4. Save Thousands $$$$

How much money can I really save?

Labor and Material Prices Vary from Region to Region, but the additional charges factored in by a roofing company for Overhead, Commission, and Profit Margin usually range from 30-45% on top of the cost of goods and services.

What will my responsibilities be for the project?

  • Coordinate schedules (a few phone calls)
  • Book installation date online (a few clicks)
  • Order materials online (a few clicks)
  • Conduct ~1 hr pre-construction checklist (easy-to-do tasks)
  • Pay service provider directly upon completion (Write a check)

"Using DIYRoofs.com seemed to take about the same amount of time, effort, and phone calls that I would have expected by contracting an 'all-in-one' roofing service. With a little bit of time and research, anyone can manage their job and save a lot of money in the process."

- Keith & Melissa D. (Hebron KY)

What if I don't want to get up on my roof?

DIY Roofs has a satellite measurement service that provides a labor estimate, the material list, and a comparative analysis of how much you can save on your project. The hired crew will perform all rooftop work required on your project. You should NEVER get on top of your roof unless you are a trained professional.

I have no experience with roofing projects - can I still use DIYRoofs.com to save money?

Yes! With our satellite quoting tool, you will gain insight as to the actual cost of labor and material a general roofing contractor will spend to complete your job. You can use this knowledge to negotiate a better price when hiring your preferred local roofing company and still save a lot of money.

Can I use DIYRoofs.com for insurance claims?

Absolutely! If you suspect storm damage by visual evidence, leaks after a bad storm, witnessing your neighbors getting new roofs, or being approached by door to door solicitations - call your insurance agent and ask for an adjuster to come out and provide an evaluation. It's just that easy.

If the adjuster approves your claim, you can use the funds to hire DIYRoofs.com to replace your damaged roof. Find out how much you can save - Get started here.