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For most Americans, their home is the most valuable asset that they will ever own. And when it comes to protecting that asset from damage and keeping it in top condition, nothing is more important than ensuring that it has a solid roof. Yet, despite the immensely important role that roofs play in maintaining a home in optimal condition, many homeowners don’t think much about the health of their roof until serious problems begin appearing. This can be a particularly tough problem for those who live in older homes where the recommended lifespan of the current roof may be nearing its end.

Roof replacement is costly, but the alternative is far worse

One reason that many homeowners are hesitant to address their roof issues is cost. A roof replacement on an average-sized home can run anywhere from $7,500 to $15,000 or more. For larger homes that require high-end materials, that total can run far higher. Still, the costs of not keeping your roof in top condition can ultimately prove to be catastrophic. Longstanding shingle or other roof leaks can cause the roof decking to begin to rot. Once that process becomes widespread, the cost of replacement can skyrocket. Additionally, any time water is permitted to enter interior spaces in large quantities, even attics and other places that are out of sight, you could be looking at the potential for extreme damage. In large enough quantities, water can rot materials, leading to the potential for interior ceiling collapses, widespread mold issues and even weakening of crucial structural supports. Unresolved, a leaking roof can quite literally put your home and all its occupants in physical danger.

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Reroofing versus roof replacement

Signs of Roof Damage

If the shingles on your roof are the only existing shingle layer, it is possible to shingle over the top of them without the need to remove all of the existing shingles. However, it is typically only recommended that this be done once so that there are never more than two layers of shingles on the roof. This can save some money in labor costs as there is no need to tear the shingles down to the decking, a process that is quite labor-intensive and time consuming. But you will still need to buy the shingles and pay for the installation labor, which can set you back more than a bit. If your roof already has two or more layers of shingles, then a full roof replacement will need to be performed. The term roof replacement normally refers to tearing off the old shingles to the decking, which usually consists of plywood, and then replacing them with new shingles. However, if there is significant rot or other damage to the roof decking itself, some of the decking may also need to be replaced.

Not all roofing is created equal

If you want to go with the cheapest possible asphalt-shingle reroofing job, on a typical home, you are going to be looking at $7,500 on the extreme low end. But like everything else in construction, the quality of materials that you use won’t just have a direct impact on pricing, it will also have a major influence on how long your roof lasts.

One recent trend in roofing is to use interlocking metal roofing. Unlike the tin roofing of old, modern metal roofs are engineered for ultra-long lifespans and are often aesthetically striking. A typical metal roof can last as long as 60 years without needing replacement. This compares with a typical asphalt-shingle roof lasting from just 15 to 20 years.

Other forms of roofing materials include terracotta tiles, some of which may be able to last for up to 100 years without needing replacement. These are common throughout the Southwestern United States. In northern climates, on the other hand, wood shingles are an oft-seen alternative to asphalt shingles. All of these alternative roofing products have the potential to last far longer than typical asphalt shingles. In extreme climates, they may also deliver notably superior energy efficiency. However, these alternative forms of roofing also have another thing in common: They can all cost up to three times or more what a typical asphalt-shingled roof will run you.


Big-money projects mean opportunities for big-money savings

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The bottom line is that a roof replacement is going to cost a lot: a minimum of mid four figures. And those costs can easily soar into the five-figure range or even higher, depending on the size of the roof and the materials being used. But when it comes to roofing jobs, it’s important to know exactly what you are paying and what you are getting in return. The truth is that a typical $10,000 roof replacement is only going to actually involve around $6,500 in labor and materials. The remaining $3,500 is going straight into the pocket of the general contractor. And it turns out that the general contractor, while critical, isn’t typically doing anything that requires a great deal of skill, knowledge or physical prowess. In fact, with a little help, anyone can easily replicate the tasks of a general roofing contractor. For homeowners, this can mean huge savings on their reroofing projects.

DIY Roofing Cincinnati turns you into the general contractor

DIY Roofs is a revolutionary new startup that offers tremendous savings to homeowners who are facing the steep costs associated with roof replacement. The company offers a web-based app that serves as a complete step-by-step guide to walk homeowners through the process of acting as their own general roofing contractors. All told, DIY Roofs can save customers as much as 40 percent when replacing their roofs. And this can translate into anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands in savings. DIY Roofing Cincinnati is revolutionizing the way that Cincinnati residents go about replacing their roofs. There is no other company like it that currently operates in the greater Cincinnati area. In a region of the country where the summers are sweltering and the winters are frigid, DIY Roofs can help ensure that homeowners are able to keep the elements out with solid, top-quality roofing.

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It all starts with an accurate estimate

Measuring Tool

Cincinnati roofing jobs all start with an accurate quote. This means having a highly accurate measure of the size of the roof in question, along with any other architectural features, such as the style of roof, number of dormers and desired roofing material. If you already have an accurate measurement of your roof, then you can use the free DIY Roof estimate tool. This tool will give you an instant and highly accurate estimate of how much your roofing project will cost and how much you can save by acting as your own general contractor through the DIY Roof client interface. However, this tool requires highly accurate knowledge of the dimensions of the roof in question. If you don’t know the exact dimensions of your home’s roof, then no worries. The DIY Roof satellite measuring tool will give you a 100 percent accurate measurement of your roof’s dimensions, allowing for a highly accurate estimate of the job’s cost.

With DIY Roofs, you’d never guess how easy general contracting a roofing project could be

With the DIY Roofs client interface, all of the pitfalls of acting as the general contractor on your own roofing project have been eliminated. Through a comprehensive project checklist, along with a detailed list of dos and don’ts, the DIY Roofs project management app will literally handle all of the heavy lifting. All you have to do is set aside a few hours to make phone calls, manage crew workflow and write the final checks. With DIY Roofs, Cincinnati roofing projects have never been easier on your time, mind and wallet.

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