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Prepare for the Expenses Before You Start

On average, the cost of a new roof can range anywhere from $5,300 to $12,000. Factors like the square footage of your home, the pitch of your roof and the materials you want to use may affect the price of your roofing project.

With so many variables, preparing for the expense can be a challenge. The DIY Roofs roofing calculator accounts for the multitude of roof cost factors to give you an accurate estimate to guide you as prepare for your project.

Calculating the costs

Like other homeowners, you may not know what costs to expect when it comes time to replace your roof. Having an accurate estimate can help you locate the right roofing crew for your project. While it makes sense to want to be cost effective, going with the lowest price may result in a substandard roof that you have to replace in a year.

Before starting the process of getting a quote using the DIY Roofs roofing calculator, there is some information you will need to help you move through the process. This includes the following:

  • Your home’s ground measurements
  • The slope of your roof
  • Your home’s height
  • The amount of old material to be removed
  • Your preferred materials

Additionally, your geographic location will be used to get you as accurate an estimate for the total cost of your project as possible.

Calculating the costs
Finding Local Professionals

Finding Local Professionals

Unless you have the necessary tools and experience, undertaking a roof installation or repairs can be costly, and dangerous. After using the DIY Roofs roofing calculator to estimate your costs, sign up to access the essential toolbox. DIY Roofs eliminates the middle man, connecting you with the same professional crews that large contracting companies use. If you don’t think you have the know-how to manage a project on your own, don’t fret, DIY Roofs provides you with a to do list to keep your project on track and moving smoothly, as well as the documents you need to hire a professional crew in your area.

Premium Satellite Report

Get an accurate estimate on your roof without stepping foot outside or having a roofing company come to your house to take all the measurements. Using satellite technology, will provide you with a detailed report on your roof, including all the required measurements in order to know how much materials to order.

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