Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your region and competition, you can expect to save between 25% & 35% on the price a professional roofing company is going to charge you. Example: for the average sized home, a reroof costs around $7,500.00 from a professional roofing company and the cost of labor and materials is as low as $5,000.00.

That's a $2,500.00 savings for making 1/2 dozen phone calls and a few hours of your time.

  • You have to be able to make calls, coordinate schedules, and finally hire a labor crew by contract to do the work.
  • You will make on average six phone calls during the course of the project.
  • Conduct a ~1 hr pre-construction meeting with the subcontractor.
  • Spend a total of ~1 hr on the phone coordinating schedules.
  • You will need to review the project and settle the labor bill after the job is finished.


Most roofing company owners don't perform the actual labor or even get on your roof except to measure it for pricing purposes. The owner manages the job without doing any heavy lifting or manual labor.

DIY Roofs has a satellite measurement service for your convenience so you don't have to climb a ladder and measure your roof.

In the pre-construction meeting, the crew leader will get on the roof, if needed, to verify your material list and quantities.

Simply put, is on a mission to providing a way for homeowners to save thousands on their roofing project. There's no catch... By allowing the homeowner and labor crew to work directly together, the homeowner can save money that would normally go to the roofing company (general contractor) for managing the project.

Basic Steps:

  1. Create a FREE Account
  2. Get Satellite Quote
  3. Use Management Toolbox

The Toolbox includes:

  • Materials checklist/order guide
  • Project Management To-Do list with calendar view
  • Ability to find and select qualified local labor crew
  • Tips and step-by-step guide for managing your own project
  • Contracts and other important documents to protect yourself


With our free quote and satellite quoting tool, you will gain insight as to the true cost of labor and material a general contractor will spend to complete your job. You can use this knowledge to negotiate a better price and still save a lot of money.

Additionally, DIYRoofs provides exclusive offers from reputable and highly qualified professional roofing companies. You can use this option to hire the best roofing company to manage your roofing project for you and still save money and avoid the time and risk of blindly calling through advertisements to find a trustworthy company.